Nhenore Edit

Established on the base of a lake, the town of Nhenore is home to wood elves lead by Queen Elthael Nheadna. This town wasn't built by a lake by accident, as it is a great source for trading, which is of great importance to the people of Nhenore and its success.

The town itself looks impressive. With its ironwood rooftops, mahogany wood walls and breathtaking waterfall, Cenorias has a otherworldly atmosphere. The main attraction is the windmill, which was built 1798 years ago and designed by elves.

Nhenore has a thriving economy, which is mainly supported by baking, animal training and farming. But their biggest strengths are sophisticated cooking and intricate architecture. However, Nhenore lacks people skilled in mining.

Despite its strengths and weaknesses, Nhenore is most likely headed towards a thriving future under the leadership of Queen Elthael. But this remains to be seen.